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Music Review: Scars On 45 by Scars On 45 (iTunes Deluxe Version)

Title:                                   Scars On 45
Artist:                                 Scars On 45
Genre:                                Indie Rock
Label:                         Atlantic/Chop Shop Records
No. of Tracks:             14 (with iTunes exclusives)
Release Date:               10 April 2012

Official Music Video: Heart On Fire by Scars On 45


Review In A Nutshell:
For a self-titled debut album, Scars On 45 gives its listeners enough material which are quite something to hold on to and would definitely set their hearts on fire.


I heard Heart On Fire by Scars On 45 the first time while I was commuting several days ago. Most of my song discoveries are like that; in random places, at unusual times. I was in the middle of reading Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins when the song distracted me that I had to set aside the book to pay attention to the track.  The arrangement was quite catchy but what really hooked me the most were its lyrics which I couldn’t get over with…

When you’re standing on your own
And you feel you’ve got nobody around you
Yeah, you know I’ll be the one who helps you from your knees
My heart’s on fire
“Heart On Fire”, Track No. 3

As soon as I arrived at work, I googled the lyrics and soon learned everything that I needed to know about the artist Scars On 45.

Scars On 45 is a quintet that hails from Leeds, England (Brit act FTW!). The band started in 2007 when its lead vocalist, Danny Bemrose, picked up his father’s guitar out of sadness after suffering a major foot injury during a soccer game. He became “addicted” with it and started writing songs.  Wanting to pursue this new hobby further, he became friends with another ex-football player and current bandmate, Stuart Nichols, and both spent their early years improving their music. When their current pianist/keyboard player David “Nova” Nowakowski joined, the trio started their rounds in the local music scene.

The addition of the other lead vocal, Aimee Driver, was a happy accident. Nova, who happened to be her schoolmate, was visiting her home and started playing The Cure’s Friday I’m In Love to which she gamely sang along. This shocked the pianist/keyboard player and asked… well, pestered her if she would like to join the band since there was a song he felt that she could duet with Danny entitled Insecurity, which she did. Prior to joining Scars On 45, Aimee Driver has never performed in public.  Chris Durling, the band’s drummer, rounded up the quintet after meeting Stuart Nichols who gave him a copy of their CD that he liked a lot and decided to help out on their recordings.

Since the release of their self-titled debut album, the band has been making waves, hitting the 4th spot on Billboard’s Heatseekers Album chart and even performing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Prior to the launch of their self-titled album, some of their tracks specifically Heart On Fire was first introduced in Grey’s Anatomy Original Soundtrack Vol. 4 after being discovered by Alexandra Patsavas, who had them signed on under her Chop Shop Records label, under Atlantic Records (adding another reason why I envy her :P).

L-R: Stuart Nichols (bass), David “Nova” Nowakowski (piano/keyboards), Danny Bemrose (vocals/guitar), Aimee Driver (vocals), Chris Durling (drums)

As this is my first time to do a full album review, listening to all 14 tracks is not an easy chore. However, my fears were put to rest as it has been such a breeze. I was entertained by each track. Most of the songs’ arrangement had a hint of pop that wasn’t too overwhelming without losing its indie sensibilities. I liked how the piano/keyboard blends well with the drums as it made the songs likable, easy and ear-friendly. Plus, like most of my favorite music acts, I loved a lot of the songs’ lyrics; they were simple yet profound.

Baby please
Don’t say it won’t get better
Don’t say I won’t let you fall down
Don’t say it can’t get better
You scare me out of town
I’m sick of the silence
I shake as I give my point of view
“Don’t Say”, Track No. 4

For a self-titled debut album, Scars On 45 gives its listeners enough material which are quite something to hold on to and would definitely set their hearts on fire. I know I did. 😉


My Rating:
4 out of 5 stars

My Two Cents:
If you can see a physical copy in your nearest record bar, get one. However, it only has 11 tracks. If you have iTunes though, I highly suggest you get the digital album. It may cost you more than a CD at US$ 11.99 but you get 3 more tracks. I think that’s a steal in my book especially with an artist that’s this good.


My Favorite Tracks From The Album:
1. Heart On Fire
2. Give Me Something
3. Warning Sign
4. Don’t Say
5. The Way That We Are
6. Tomorrow Won’t Die Too Soon (Bonus Track)
7. Two Way Radio (Bonus Track)

Other Fun Stuff:
– Check out the band’s official website to get updated on their tours and other information
– You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, as well as subscribe to their YouTube channel wherein you can check out their official music videos and their tour diaries, Scars & Stripes.