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Product Review: Marks & Spencer’s White Chocolate Coated Raspberries

936160_598924783465978_1722782484_nProduct Name: Marks & Spencer’s White Chocolate Coated Raspberries
Type: Chocolate
Price: PHP 425.00
Where To Buy: In all Marks & Spencer outlets nationwide

Review In A Nutshell:
Fruits covered in chocolate… what’s not to love? However, for a not-so-chocoholic person like me, it really begs the question.


Hello readers! How’s your payday weekend shaping up so far? With several malls on sale, I hope your shopping sprees are stress-free. Also, next Sunday is Mother’s Day. Have you thought of a gift for your mom already? If not, perhaps you may like to check out a Marks & Spencer branch near you for their Mother’s Day treats.  I tried out one yesterday: White Chocolate Coated Raspberries, which are freeze-dried raspberries covered in white chocolate with a dusting of dried raspberry powder.

Fruits covered in chocolate is perhaps one of the most quintessential pairings in food. What’s not to love about it? It’s one of the best indulgences around; think dipping fresh fruit bites in a chocolate fondue. However, for a not-so-chocoholic person like me, it really begs the question. And Marks & Spencer is a locally-known luxury brand: you hardly see items there that are below Php 500.00 especially with their clothing line.  Is it really worth buying a pack?

Erm, this pack was finished as of this writing.

Erm, this pack was finished as of this writing.

I guess you can already surmise from this review that my curiosity won over my own bias enough to buy one.  True, I may not be a chocoholic person but I do have some exceptions; I like white and dark chocolate, and I enjoy indulging on them when I need the fix. And I love munching on fruits so this product is a treat. I managed to get through the whole pack in one sitting — it’s just 120 grams so don’t shoot me — enough to write down my thoughts about it.

Let’s start off with the most important bit: taste.  If you’re a fan of contrasting flavors, then this will win you over. The tart taste of the freeze-dried raspberry cuts through yet blends well the sweetness of the white chocolate. What I also liked was that white chocolate coating was generous enough but not too thick; anything thicker would’ve overwhelmed it.  The outer coating of dried raspberry was not merely for aesthetic; it also adds to the tart flavor of the product.

What the product looks like inside.

What the product looks like inside.

If eating an Oreo would require you to do the twist-lick-dunk method, for this little treat, the best way is to bite through it, chew then swallow. Don’t make the mistake of popping one in your mouth and letting it melt.  If you do that, what hits you immediately is the sourness of the dried raspberry coating which may take you by surprise. I was, in fact, when I did just that.

I also like the texture of each chocolate-covered fruit; it makes the treat a little less boring.  However, if you’ve eaten enough, you will realize that added texture are the raspberry seeds.  They are tiny enough that it’s not a big deal but it can stick between your teeth so be careful when chewing.

photo (2)

Despite the above advertising vs. retail store pricing boo-boo, the price is relatively reasonable enough for an imported chocolate treat. At Php 425.00, it’ll give your wallet a sizable burn.  It’s good enough to buy once or twice just to indulge or as a gift for special occasions.  Anything beyond that is nuts (unless you have more than enough cash to go around, go ahead).

Since I finished my pack faster than expected, I think I may have to drop by the nearest Marks & Spencer to get another one. Good thing, there’s a branch near to my workplace. Well, good for my craving though but not for my wallet. 😛


My Rating:
4 out of 5 stars

My Two-Cents:
If you like chocolates with fruit, be sure to buy one pack (or two to share with your friends) to try out and indulge. It’s a good gift idea too for those really special occasions.

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**as with my recent experience, call your nearest Marks & Spencer outlet to check out the retail prices of these treats


This is not a sponsored blog post. Like my other product reviews, I purchased the product and tried it out.

Images above with the pink background are courtesy of Marks and Spencer Philippines’ Facebook page.  Other images featured are my own.