Review: Till I Met You Episode 3 – Hello Greece


First Aired: 31 August 2016

Running Time: 27 minutes

Review In A Nutshell:
Hello Greece is perhaps the most relatable and humorous episode to date and it has set up a future major conflict in the series by unwrapping a mystery.



As this episode was aired prior to this review, I re-watched this thru YouTube and IWantTV. Currently, IWantTV subscribers on free plan can re-watch select Till I Met You episodes sans the 3-day limit, now on extended promotion, thanks to Ponds wherein Nadine Lustre is one of its latest endorsers.

Also, this episode was made available via ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Click to watch here:

If you want to read why I wanted to pursue this episode review challenge, please click here. Also, if you haven’t started watching this series yet (and why not), be prepared for spoilers. A whole load of it.


Hello Greece continues the journey with Ali and Iris’ relationship being out in the open with their respective families and friends, and was received positively. However, both have agreed to label their relationship as having a mutual understanding (MU) given their school priorities.  In the same vein, Ali develops a closer bond with Basti and both were seen to have regular voice calls/chats.  Through their conversations, Ali developed an interest in visiting Greece.  In the process, Ali learned that their school had partner based in Greece and was able to convince Iris to see it as an option for their OJT.

greek future plans.png

Having set their sights on Greece, Ali and Iris performed well in school enough for them to be accepted in the international OJT stint after 3 years. Basti learned of the good news from Ali through a video conversation and assured the latter that he will help them during their stay in Greece. Iris doesn’t trust Basti though especially when the latter accidentally stripped naked in front of her during a video chat with Ali, which was presumably cut/frozen given internet access issues.

At some point in the episode, the mystery of Val’s absence was resolved. It was learned that she is now based in Greece and knows Basti well. Also, it was revealed that Basti is the son of Nestor Valderama, Cassandra’s ex, and that Val is engaged to him (the diamond solitaire on her left ring finger is so noticeable in its brightness). Basti seems to have a good relationship with Val, as she doted on him like a mother, giving him a care package which included pictures of Nestor. It was clear that she wanted the two to mend their relationship. How it was broken was showcased in a flashback as Basti returned to his apartment in Greece. In the flashback, an 8-year old Basti was seen to be living with Nestor after his mother died. Crippled with sadness, Basti didn’t know how to be with Nestor and the latter made things worse by focusing on his career rather than understanding the former by giving him love and care.

Towards the end of the episode, Ali and Iris were seen to be preparing for their trip to Greece.  Their respective families accompanied them to the airport. Ali and Iris stayed at the lounge, sharing their collective excitement for their OJT, before boarding their flight.  Basti then fetched the two at the airport, and their journey in Greece begins.

waiting at the airport.png

If there were two words that I can use to describe Hello Greece, it would probably be relatable and humorous. First off, the relatability factor; there’s so much in this episode that I can relate to, allow me to break it down:

  • HRM and OJT Angle – Ali and Iris are studying to be a cook and a hotelier respectively. As a person who has previously worked in the industry and having managed an OJT program, I am well-aware how hard it is to secure internship slots and how expensive international OJTs can get.  I’m sure that both Ali and Iris were exceptional students in their school for them to be considered in an international OJT stint.  Despite this, it’s not a bed of roses for these two. The fact that Agnes shouldered the one-way tickets of Ali and Iris is proof positive that such international stints require some investment.  Iris is lucky to have a generous godmother in Agnes.

ali cooking.png

  • Internet Access Issues – While it seemed like fate was playing a game on Iris as she is unable to properly meet Basti in the two attempts that Ali tried to introduce her, the frozen/disconnected screen is a shot at how terrible the internet access is in the Philippines, not to mention one of the most expensive rates at low band speeds in the whole of Southeast Asia. When I went to Singapore on a 3-week business trip, it was important that I connect and check with my family once in a while. In Singapore, I had no issues connecting to the internet (their band speeds are ridiculously fast and there was internet everywhere) but I didn’t escape the disconnected/frozen screen moments, all because of the intermittent connections experienced back home.  That was 4 years ago.  Fast-forward, nothing has changed; I think it has gotten worse.
  • Long Wait at the Airport – In all my international business trips, I would wait an average of 2-3 hours before I could board my flight (this is after checking in and passing through customs which is always such a delightful experience… *insert sarcasm*). Since I travel alone and I don’t like the idea of missing my flight because I passed out on the metal chairs due to lack of sleep, keeping myself awake is crucial. I wish Pokemon Go was invented then but I always had a book and my laptop to keep me company.  I wish there will be a time when I will be able to travel with a friend outside of the country.  That will be awesome.


In addition to this, Hello Greece happens to be one of, if not, the funniest episodes in the series so far.  In all the times I have watched/re-watched this episode, it never fails to make me double over with laughter and here are my favorite bits:

  • Kelly’s spitfire commentary on the Ali’s forehead kiss and possible first kiss – I will admit that it was one of my kilig moments in Episode 2. However, a forehead kiss is often viewed as a sign of respect, not love, and done to the elderly.  This prompted Kelly, Iris’ girl best friend, to call her “Lola” or a grandma.  Iris didn’t mind it though as she knew where she stood in her relationship with Ali.  Despite that, she obviously looked smitten even at the thought of it. Furthermore, Kelly commenting on how Ali is possibly setting up Greece to be the place where Iris might experience her first kiss was also funny.
  • Greggy and the future Nicolas grandkids – Upon announcing their relationship status to the family, Greggy already envisioned Ali and Iris’ marriage and having grandchildren who will be soldiers in the future to compensate for his only son leaving the PMA. Ali clearing his throat was a subtle but funny moment.
  • Basti stripping in front of Iris via video call – This is the most hilarious bit of the entire episode. Presuming that the video call was disconnected, Basti started to strip off his clothes to prepare for work. On the other end, Ali left to answer his dad’s call.  Iris then asked permission to use his laptop to surf the internet when suddenly, the video chat was restored and she saw Basti remove his shorts and underwear.  She screamed at Basti and Ali rushed back to ask what happen.  Ali’s response to the situation was everything (meme below as seen on this tweet) :


  • When Ali and Basti finally meet – Upon arriving in Greece, Basti searched for Ali in the crowd as the he offered to fetch them at the airport. When they saw each other, both ran towards and hugged each other.  Basti even kissed Ali on both cheeks, which seemed to be a Greek custom, since he almost did the same to Iris, who went all conservative and threatened to punch him.  Iris suddenly became the third wheel to Ali and Basti.  This, coupled with her first impression resulting from Basti’s accidental stripping, will heavily influence most of the conflict that will happen among the three lead characters.


Aside from the relativity and humor, Hello Greece has set up what I foresee to be a major conflict that will happen in the series: Cassandra and Agnes finding out that Val and Nestor are engaged to be married, which I suspect would happen in Greece.


Having seen how strongly Cassandra reacted to Iris’ research which led to Nestor Valderama, it was very clear that the three friends have not been in touch for ages.  This made me curious to find out how Val and Nestor ended up together, given their history, which I’m confident will be revealed in succeeding episodes.  A bombshell this big requires some time to nurture before it bursts, which I hope will happen soon enough.

So far, it seems like the direction of the next set of episodes will be the dynamic among Iris, Ali and Basti in Greece.  From what I’ve seen so far in this episode, it promises to be a riot.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (because there were so many hilarious moments in this episode)

Best Performance:
JC Santos (because even if it was heavily suggested that he will come out as gay in the series, I was convinced that Ali was indeed in love with Iris) and Nadine Lustre (because running in heels and falling off Ali’s bed shows her commitment to doing her own stunts)

Favorite Scene:

Favorite Line:

“Dapat kilalanin mo muna yung tao bago mo husgahan.” – Cassandra Duico

Fun Stuff: Episode 3 Outtakes (there is a moment where you can see how awesome the chemistry is between JC Santos and Nadine Lustre)


THROWBACK: When I tweeted about #TIMYHelloGreece…


All images featured in this blog post can be seen on Till I Met You’s official and show websites, and Facebook page. Some are screencaps from clips and outtakes uploaded in ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel.


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