Music Review: Hot Couture by Manila Luzon

Title:                                   Hot Couture
Artist:                                 Manila Luzon
Genre:                                Pop/Dance
Label:                                 KNS/Manila
Release Date:                8 November 2011

Review In A Nutshell:
Hot Couture is fun, fabulous and fierce!  It gives a good glimpse of what Manila Luzon wants offer as a recording artist, should she continue down that path.

Official Music Video
(Released 26 January 2012)


I have a confession to make: I haven’t watched a single episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I know… I know that it’s a must-see reality show so pretty please don’t kill me, I beg. Despite this, I have heard of Manila Luzon from Ronald, a friend of mine who loves the show. While I still have to find time to catch re-runs of the three seasons, it is really good to know that a Filipino American joined and became the runner up for Season 3! And wow, isn’t she pretty…

Darn it, don't you just envy her legs? Sheesh!

You can imagine my surprise when I learned through my news feeds that she released a single called Hot Couture. And, gauging from the official music video, she had fun, fun, FUN! 😀

Hot Couture is a pretty straightforward pop/dance track: upbeat with catchy (repetitive) lyrics.  I would describe it as an “introduction” or a “here-I-am-so-make-way-for-me” song minus the “in-your-face” factor, which I liked.

Let the streets be my runway tonight
In the fashion show we call life
Got this fire burn… burning inside
And I’m serving… serving…
Hot Couture!

As I listen to the song further, it makes wonder why there is an “explicit” tag to it over at Amazon and iTunes when I only heard one word that would qualify such. Also, some argued in my feed that the word “couture” is so overused and misconstrued. While it is true to some measure, frankly I don’t mind it with this single. That’s the beauty of artistic freedom: whatever floats your boat, go ahead. And Hot Couture is just that: fun, fabulous and fierce!  It gives a good glimpse of what Manila Luzon wants offer as a recording artist, should she continue down that path. 🙂


My Rating:
3 out of 5 stars

My Two Cents:
Download it! For three minutes of tap-your-Louboutins-to-the-beat fun at $ 0.99, it is worth it.  Click on the following links to buy the single:

Image above c/o Manila Luzon at


Other Fun Stuff:
– Download the Hot Couture ringtone (mp3 format) here.
– Watch the behind-the-scenes of the music video below:


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